Friday, 21 January 2011

Which songs would you like to see us play supporting All Time Low in February and March?

So we're doing an online poll to give you guys the chance to pick our set for tour. Vote below!

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Writing Sessions

We're currently sitting in a room all day and night writing our second record, so we thought we'd share some photos we've taken over the last couple of weeks. Enjoy!

Working late.

Vibe light.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

We've teamed up with our friends at Macbeth for some instore signingss

Macbeth Shoes have set up a series of instore signings for us on our UK tour. We'll be signing for one hour at the below stores on the following dates-

24th Nov- Blue Banana, Birmingham. 5-6pm.

25th Nov- Rock Collection, Norwich. 4-5pm.

30th Nov- Pulp, Glasgow. 5-6pm.

5th Dec-Blue Banana, Cardiff. 5-6pm.

Go check out Macbeth's new Holiday Range which is available now at as well as all the stores hosting signings.

P.S. To avoid any confusion- entry to the instore signing we are doing in Pulp is done by wristbands. They're free and can be picked up from the store on the following days- Sat 27th & Sun 28th (for Pulp card holders) and Mon 29th & Tues 30th (for everyone else). There's 250 wristbands available.
The other 3 are first come first serve!

See you all there!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

European Tour Diary: Day 38 - Antwerp, Belgium

I always think of the Enter Shikari song Antwerpen when I hear the name. It’s probably my favourite ES song. Bit of shinfo for you there, folks.

The length of this run is beginning to catch up with us now. I would be lying if I said there wasn’t a part of us that was looking forward to getting home in some ways. The headline tour is going to be amazing! We’re not there just yet, but we need to prepare so we sound check for a little longer today, working on some links and ways to change the songs we’ve been playing this year to make them more interesting and to change our set up etc.

The sound in this venue is awesome, and it’s one of the biggest too so we’re all excited to play tonight.

We play and hang out at merch afterwards and amongst others we meet Laura, oceane, Virginie and ludivine who have all travelled here just to see us tonight. We are lucky to have such great fans in a place that we’ve never even been to before, and I’m genuinely touched by their enthusiasm. We talk for a while, then the venue closes up so me and the guys make our way back through the venue as the staff begin to clean. Humans have an amazing capacity for creating rubbish. A venue after the doors close is always a grim sight, thousands of plastic cups and bits of crap lie everywhere, the floor is a swampy mess of sweat alcohol and water, the walls are slick with condensation and it’s the poor venue workers who have to clean it. We make our way through the junk and back downstairs to pack up, where for no reason at all I am suddenly sick. I have no idea why, I’m guessing it’s just because I’m so tired but we promptly pack up and leave to get as much rest as we can. I suddenly feel really shit so shower then crawl into bed and go straight to sleep.


European Tour Diary: Day 37 - Eindhoven, Holland

Ouch. Heavy night. Great fun hanging with old friends in Amsterdam but man are we feeling the effects today. I’ve managed to catch about 2 and a half hours sleep and that was on our friend’s floor. The charm of doing things DIY can wear off real fast when you’re crashing on floors or couch surfing all the time, and I’m really bloody glad we don’t have to do it as much as we used to.

We leave our friends and walk back to the venue where the van is parked. Amsterdam is a beautiful city, one of my favourites out of the cities that I’ve seen in my life, but the canals it is so famous for serve to make every street look pretty much the same. It is VERY easy to get lost in Amsterdam, especially when you’re us, and even more so when you’re us and hung over. A five-minute walk takes half an hour and when we spend another good half an hour deliberating over what to eat for breakfast we are well on our way to being late before we manage to get to the safety of our van. We crawl in and assume the position - earphones in laptop out, TV show/iTunes/whatever running, and brain off.

Somehow Ben has gotten chewing gum in his hair and slept with it in, which is the only thing that keeps me alive – laughing at Ben is a great way to pass the time!

I watch some more of The Wire and work on more tour diary stuff while everyone else sleeps, and then I succumb as well and wake up as we arrive at the venue, face imprinted with the faint shapes of a mac keyboard. Coupled with my Movember moustache which I truly hate this is a strong look. On that note, if anyone isn’t aware, we are all growing moustaches throughout the month of November in support of raising awareness and raising money to help combat prostate cancer in men. It kills one man an hour which is a pretty horrifying statistic so if you want to help us out make the pain of all looking ridiculous for a month, and get involved with a worthy cause then head over to and do a search for either myself Gustav Wood or our team Young Guns UK (or indeed any of the guys in the band or crew if you know their names) and donate whatever you can. Even 1 pound or 1 euro, whatever you can – it all helps.

We play the show and somehow, despite all feeling like crap and being pretty certain that we were going to suck, it’s one of the better shows of the whole 6-week tour. The sound is really good and everyone is into it. Awesome. Afterwards we sit upstairs with our managers and have a meeting where we talk about our plans for next year, touring, writing; recording etc., and also the upcoming UK run. We are so fucking excited to be doing these shows. The biggest we’ve ever done, and with a bit of luck, and the help of some of you guys reading this, the best. I can’t believe we’re headlining a show in London at the Electric Ballroom, but more about that another time.

We wrap the meeting up, I head down to talk to people by the merch stand and say goodbye to a few of the people that have travelled loads over the past few weeks to see us. Sad to say goodbye but we’ll be seeing them again in February seeing as we just announced that we’re coming back over here on tour with our friends in All Time Low. Can’t wait for that.

We load the van in the rain, say some more goodbyes and are given a few more presents by people (thanks!!!) and head back to the hotel. Our TM Emre has gotten us a deal in a nearby hotel. The hotel turns out to be a 4 star hotel and we spend the nights doubled up in the nicest most expensive looking hotel I’ve ever stayed in. After a few floors and a lot of Formule 1 hotels, this is an amazing luxury, and I spend ages underneath the gigantic shower and crash out in the world’s most comfortable bed. Next to Emre, granted, but still better than every other sleeping space so far.


European Tour Diary: Day 35 & 36 - Amsterdam, Holland.

Day 35 – Day off – Travel to Amsterdam.

Today is the last of the long journeys thankfully (except for the mammoth drive home) so we get into the van and yet again slowly make our way to The Netherlands and into Amsterdam through horrendous amounts of traffic. The heavens open once again and this time chuck some thunder and lightning in for food measure. At one point lightning must have struck really close to the van because the whole van is lit up as if a bomb went off nearby, so bright that it wakes the people that are asleep. Scary.
Weariness is definitely beginning to set in, and we literally inch our way into Amsterdam’s city limits. We arrive at 9pm and check into a hotel called The Backstage right next to tomorrow’s venue, the awesome Melkweg. The hotel is designed around the idea of live music and touring bands and is one of our favourite places to stay when/if we can afford it. There is a communal area with a bar and instruments on the walls, and an old piano covered in the signatures of bands that have stayed here before. All the rooms have furniture made out of flight cases; all the light fixtures are saxophones, snare drums and stuff like that. It’s really neat.
Our friend Steve who sang for the band Outcry Collective until they split recently has flown out to join us in Amsterdam, so we head out to meet him then go for some dinner and drinks.

Amsterdam, let’s do this!

Day 36 - Amsterdam

Love this hotel! It’s so cool. We check out and go for breakfast/lunch before making our way to the venue. This is one of the few places we’ve played in Europe before. The Melkweg (‘The Milky Way’) is an awesome modern venue right in the centre of Amsterdam and we’ve played the smaller room here twice before, first with The Blackout and then with Madina Lake. This time we’re playing the big room and it’s nice to know your way around a venue. We are good friends with someone who works here so she takes care of us for the day while we hang in the dressing room. I do 3 or 4 interviews and then we pre-record 10 or so video messages for TV stations in Japan. I cannot fucking believe we are doing this! This is all amazing for obvious reasons, but mainly because when I was a kid, first exposed to rock music properly through my brother, I used to watch a VHS he had of Nirvana religiously. It was called ‘Live! Tonight! Sold Out!’ and I must have watched that thing a thousand times. To my 10/11-year-old eyes being in a band was the most incredible thing.... Obviously I didn’t quite grasp the enormity and musical/cultural importance of that band in particular but still, I just connected with what I was seeing. I will never forget a clip on the video where they do a bunch of ‘idents’, little short clips for music TV, and one of them is for Space Shower TV which Kurt calls ‘Golden Shower TV’. For some reason I never forgot this, something about it just stuck with me. Now it’s 2010 and not 1994 and I’m sitting in a backstage dressing room in Amsterdam filming a video clip for Space Shower TV. Clearly our situation is vastly different to Nirvana’s but regardless of that the enormity of what I’m doing is not lost on me, and although it’s not in itself a huge thing (I’m just sitting in front of our shitty little camera filming a 10 second clip) to me it’s huge and the more I think about it the more it affects me. I tell the guys, and none of them really seem to grasp it as much as I do, I guess it’s a personal experience and without the emotional attachment it might seem stupid, but to me, it’s not. I will now listen to nothing but Nirvana for a few days, in homage.

Tonight’s show isn’t one of our better ones, it must be said. I have a few problems with my voice and the guys have technical problems. Coming off stage and being disappointed at yourself is a really shitty way to be, but sometimes there’s nothing you can do about it – it’s just so annoying. I walk around under a black cloud for a while but remember earlier and tell myself not to be a prick and snap out of it. Let’s be clear here, I’m not diva stropping around the place, but truthfully I can (to a degree) understand why people can become precious and hard to work with when it comes to playing music live. Maybe I’m opening myself up to a lot of piss-taking (probably) but the thing is, when you care about something so much and want to be good at something so bad, when it doesn’t work out for whatever reason, it’s crushing. To me, in this frame of mind, a bad show isn’t just a “bad show”, it’s not ‘just one of those things” it is a revelation, the curtain finally lifted on our true shitness that I suddenly think I always suspected, all my hopes are pointless because we suck and are going to get nowhere, and I’m a fraud. Really it’s ridiculous, it simply is a bad show and I’ll be fine in about half an hour, but I would hazard a guess that most people in bands feel this way, if perhaps not quite so extremely. It’s just a byproduct of wanting something so bad, being so emotionally involved in something. Either that or I actually am one of those Divas you always hear about. Shit!

Anyway I have some drinks and chill for a while and all is well. We hit Amsterdam again for another messy night.


European Tour Diary: Day 34 - Cologne, Germany

Ah, Cologne! Or Koln, as it is in German. This is one of the few places that we’ve randomly ended up playing a few times this year already. We first played here with Madina Lake back towards the beginning of the year, then ended up with Story of the Year back at the same venue, The Underground, less than two months later. After that, just before we played Pukkelpop festival in Belgium, we came back again for a one off show with Anberlin a few months back. These shows have always been great, so we have a soft spot for the city and for that venue in particular.
This time, we are playing a venue down the road, that up until now we’d only heard about, The Music Hall, which is a hell of a lot bigger. We’re coming back here with All Time Low in February but we aren’t allowed to announce that yet! Any more and it’d probably make more sense for us to move to Cologne, but it’s nice to feel like we’re beginning to build something out on the continent, and as I said, we genuinely like the place.

It’s a good show, and it’s nice to see some familiar faces in the crowd. It’s amazing that people are coming to these shows just to see us play. I feel bad that they’re paying so much money just to see us play a half hour support slot but we’ll be back to do some headline shows next year so hopefully that’ll make up for it. 
We say goodbye to some of the people that have travelled to a few of our German shows on this tour, and head back to our room for the night. We’ve agreed with another venue to let us rent out the flat above their venue for the night. Far from gross, it turns out to be a really nice place, which is always a nice surprise. We put our bags down, freshen up and go for a few drinks across the road in a bar that turns out to be full of Danko Jones fans. They’re all good fun so we have some drinks and head back to sleep. Yet another long journey tomorrow.