Wednesday, 17 November 2010

European Tour Diary: Day 38 - Antwerp, Belgium

I always think of the Enter Shikari song Antwerpen when I hear the name. It’s probably my favourite ES song. Bit of shinfo for you there, folks.

The length of this run is beginning to catch up with us now. I would be lying if I said there wasn’t a part of us that was looking forward to getting home in some ways. The headline tour is going to be amazing! We’re not there just yet, but we need to prepare so we sound check for a little longer today, working on some links and ways to change the songs we’ve been playing this year to make them more interesting and to change our set up etc.

The sound in this venue is awesome, and it’s one of the biggest too so we’re all excited to play tonight.

We play and hang out at merch afterwards and amongst others we meet Laura, oceane, Virginie and ludivine who have all travelled here just to see us tonight. We are lucky to have such great fans in a place that we’ve never even been to before, and I’m genuinely touched by their enthusiasm. We talk for a while, then the venue closes up so me and the guys make our way back through the venue as the staff begin to clean. Humans have an amazing capacity for creating rubbish. A venue after the doors close is always a grim sight, thousands of plastic cups and bits of crap lie everywhere, the floor is a swampy mess of sweat alcohol and water, the walls are slick with condensation and it’s the poor venue workers who have to clean it. We make our way through the junk and back downstairs to pack up, where for no reason at all I am suddenly sick. I have no idea why, I’m guessing it’s just because I’m so tired but we promptly pack up and leave to get as much rest as we can. I suddenly feel really shit so shower then crawl into bed and go straight to sleep.



  1. Ohhhhh my God, you did not forget! Gustav <3

  2. Emballléeee quoi .. LOL Vivement Fevrier pour All time low - Young guns :-) J'y serais ;p .

  3. I'm so happy cause I thought you forget me because I had not written on your arm ...
    see you in february then :) and I hope see you soon in headline tour in europe !!

  4. ohhhhh thank you
    sa fais plaisir

  5. See you 15th February !

  6. Héhééé , tu penses qu'il voit les commentaires ? mdrr J'espere qu'il va regarder :-(

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  8. Hello Young Guns, I always hoped that someday I will meet and see you and hear your music, but my country is far away, do not know when I meet you?
    The country and people of Vietnam always waiting for you ..
    I love you so much..<3<3<3