Saturday, 19 June 2010

Album Pre-order deals

Hi guys,
We thought we'd put all the preorder options for All Our Kings Are Dead on one page so you can decide what the best deal for you is. Check em all out and go for it! We literally cannot wait for you guys to hear the album and come see us on tour on the release week!!

First up is Banquet Records:

This bundle includes a Ticket for the album release party at Kingston Hippodrome and CD for £8 or just the ticket for £7 from Banquet Records: Photobucket

Next up
HMV are offering the album with a signed poster for £8.99



Play have the album with an exclusive set of four badges for £7.99


Finally, iTunes

iTunes are offering the album with the videos for Winter Kiss, Sons Of Apathy and Crystal Clear
along with a track by track commentary.

Thank you guys for all your support so far, without you we could never have released this album, We hope you enjoy it.

Young Guns

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  1. YOU DO FUCKING CARIBINERS TOO!?!! I've only just bought a My Passion one you batties!! Oh my God, new merch, well excited!! Can't wait for the album <33333

    The banner at the top of this blog distracts me from Sociology revision.. I blame you boys if I fail dismally ;)

    Lots of lurrrrve, as per.
    Kayleighhhhh xx