Monday, 20 September 2010

And the new single is.....

It's that time again when we are gearing up for the release of our new single. I can't quite believe that we're already about to release the 3rd single from All Our Kings Are Dead but we are, and it's about time you guys knew what it is.

We are releasing The Weight of The World as a digital single on the 1st of November, and will be putting the video online tomorrow. You should start to see it on your TV sets towards the end of this week/the beginning of next, so until then the only place to watch it will be on our official YouTube channel/Myspace/Facebook.

I was thinking some of you might be surprised by this decision - after all, when we asked people to guess not a single person got it right - So I thought I'd offer up a few words on why we've chosen this song. Here goes.

We originally wrote WOTW for the Mirrors EP, and we were really proud of it so put up a home-made tour montage video on websites like Youtube, Myspace, Facebook and so on, just to get the ball rolling a bit. When the time came to step up and put out an album we knew that as a song it had more to give, and we wanted the opportunity to (hopefully) get it out to more people than were likely to ever come into contact with our EP.
We re-recorded the song but due to the restraints of doing things as DIY as we could, the factors of money and time that we are always up against came into play and we ran out of both at the end of the recording sessions.
Now, we love our album to death, and hope you do too, but we, like most bands, are perfectionists and knew that we could do the song a little more justice if we only had a tiny bit more time (especially if we were to release it as a single). We went back in with Dan Weller once again and just tweaked, nipped, and tucked a bit so that we were a bit happier with where the song was at and this is the version you will hear on the radio, on your TV, or on your computer.

We love the song, it means the world (as it were) to us, it just made sense to put it out there, so I ask every single one of you reading this a favour:

If you like our band, get behind us. If you like this song, Get behind it. Help us to get it out there as far and wide as possible. 'Real' UK music is in a great place, there are loads of young and new bands worthy of your attention and support, and I'd like to think and hope that maybe we're one of them. If we can even in some small way show the people that choose what we get to hear on our radio and see on our TVs day in day out that we don't just want to hear the same old soulless pop shit sung by a puppet who doesn't care what they are singing about (and probably had nothing to do with the song in the first place) then I think that would be something really special.

We will let you know when it's possible to do so, but please, when you can, request the song on the radio stations, request the song on the video channels, check out the video on our websites and help us make something special.

We head out on tour tomorrow morning and pretty much won't stop until Christmas now. 2 weeks of University shows, then 6 weeks in Europe, then back for our biggest ever UK Headline tour (tickets and dates are available on this here blog). Can't wait to see you all again! Until then, thank you for everything so far, and whether or not you want to help us out on this occasion, we love you. Peace.

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Gustav x


  1. no one guessed it because it already had a video from the mirrors E.P. By the way follow are blog will you? please

  2. All valid points...haha! =) thanks for taking the time out to explain all of this, I personally can't wait for the single - and what I'm sure will be an awesome video! - so that's a +1 to the whole support thing!

    Thanks again for keeping us in the loop, and see you guys soon! xoxox

  3. Can't wait to see it guys :) And I just want to say to you a big thank you for being who you are . You take time for your fans, and you give your best on stage . So obviously we'll help you to go far and spread the words "YOUNG GUNS" . I wish you the best, YOU deserve it ! It's because you're what you are that we travel over France to see you haha . So like we said in french "Longue vie à Young GUNS !" and see you in liverpool next month ;)

  4. Great choice boys. It's a definite cracker and should be heard by way more people. Cannot wait to hear the magic you added to it. Good luck for tour and see you boys soon. x

  5. video slightly inspired by trainspotting per chance?? :) if that location doesnt scream look at us, im not sure where would!
    much love xx

  6. It is actually my favourite song on the album, so I'm glad you guys released it.
    You guys are probably one of the best bands out there and your songs do mean the world to so many people (they even got me through some togh shit), so carry on the good work guys!

  7. Definitely a step up quality wise from the album glad you guys re-did it as i preferred the EP version originally, just had a great vibe about it. Good luck!