Monday, 25 October 2010

European Tour Diary: Day 12 - Munich, Germany

We wake up in our dorm style rooms and climb out of our bunk beds for showers. Some of us decide to go back into town (the venue is just outside) so we get in the van and drive back in, happy to be seeing Munich in the daylight. We park and get out, and the first thing we notice is that Munich is fucking freezing. The second is that it’s an amazing city, the architecture is grand and has an old-world feel to it. In many ways it looks like the kind of European city that I had in my minds eye… Imperial and ornate buildings stretching out around us, sculptures, fountains and open squares.

We walk around for a bit, do a tiny bit of shopping for some hats/gloves (I get a bobble hat beanie ‘cos I lost my hat somewhere) and have some pizza in a cool little Italian restaurant. The waiter seems to speak in both Italian and German, but not English so we try to order as clearly and un-english as we can. By some miracle we all get the orders right and stuff ourselves, though why we bother ordering loads of different food when we all just cover it with Tobasco and it tastes the same is anyone’s guess. For the record, we all love Tabasco sauce. It makes everything good, and we’ve gotten into the habit of putting it on everything we can, even if it shouldn’t be put on. Short of cereal, there ain’t much we won’t douse in the fiery delicious sauce.

Before we know it our time is up so we navigate our way (badly) back to the van and drive back to the venue where Emre is waiting unimpressed. We are late, as usual, so quickly chuck our gear in and soundcheck.

Tonight’s show is cool, and it’s awesome to see a few people already wearing Young Guns tee shirts. We also have a street teamer from heaven (or hell depending on where you stand) that kicks everybody’s ass and gets pages and pages of sign up names for our mailing list. Linda you are amazing! We owe you.

We hang out by the merch as per usual, watch Danko’s set which is again tight as fuck and really gets the crowd going, then head back for an early night. I’m currently addicted to The Wire so I watch a few episodes in bed before turning in. I’m getting ill, which really sucks but is not at all unexpected. Oh well. Good night Munich. I wish I could have seen more of thee.


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