Sunday, 7 November 2010

European Tour Diary: Day 16 - Zurich, Switzerland

We get up early and go into Lindau for some coffee and to look at the town a little bit. We find a pharmacy and stock up on toiletries and vitamins. It is so hard to stay healthy when touring in autumn/winter, so pills, drops, effervescent tablets and whatever else you can use to fight off illness become important and part of your routine. Wander to a little dock and see the boats floating around, gulls in the air and Alps in the distance. I could get used to seeing views like this.
We make our way to Zurich and to our excitement actually travel through the mountains, driving through tunnels burrowed underneath, and roads winding round them, climbing higher and higher. We stop at a bridge that reaches over a river high up on a mountain, take pictures, and throw stuff over the railing. We watch as the coins and pebbles disappear from view before they hit the water. Man we are high up right now.

We continue on through the mountains and drive through the best scenery I’ve ever seen before reaching the border. Luckily we pass without incident and we are on the home stretch to Zurich.

When we arrive, it is obvious that it is the most amazing location for a venue we have ever seen. The venue sits on the edge of a massive river that stretches out all the way to The Alps on the far right. Directly across, Zurich lies on the bank at the foot of the hills behind it. It’s really something.

We get treated to a great dinner in the restaurant that joins the venue, and we make the brave decision to try different meals. Obviously the second the food arrives I regret trying to be different as mine is clearly the most boring. Curse our hive mind mentality. That’s what I get for trying to be different.

We sit outside and let our food digest while we look at the view. A full moon has risen over the hills, and below it Zurich shines in the night. Coupled with the Alps looking on from afar. And it’s incredible. What am I doing here!?

We play the show, do our usual hustle then discuss the idea of going out into Zurich. We spend so long drinking and deciding whether to actually go out or not (and playing on the swings next to the water.... ahem) that before we know it it’s 2 am and going out isn’t even possible anymore. Oops.

Resigned to our fate we drive to our hotel for the night and crash. I won’t forget Zurich in a hurry, though it feels like it’s passed in the blink of an eye.


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