Tuesday, 16 November 2010

European Tour Diary: Day 22 - Frankfurt, Germany

We pick Ben and Simon up from the airport as they flew home for a few days, and make our way to Frankfurt, the night before our first show since our little break in Italy. When you spend pretty much every minute of every day together, it feels really strange to spend time apart and it feels like we’ve not seen each other in years. We catch up and grab a bite to eat in a pretty dingy diner by the motorway that is full of what I can only imagine is the German equivalent of chavs, getting pissed and being obnoxious. Nice to know that we aren’t the only country capable of producing meatheads, though we do seem pretty good at it. We eat the food, which is the worst we’ve eaten in our time out here, and leave. Off to the hotel to get some rest.

The next morning we’re all excited to be touring again, the time off has been awesome but it’s been really nice to get back to work and be playing music again. We’re all rested and excited and it feels obvious when we play. We’re all full of energy and it’s one of the more enjoyable shows on the tour so spirits are high. Ahead of us we have one of the tougher stretches of the tour so we try to get as much rest as possible.


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