Wednesday, 17 November 2010

European Tour Diary: Day 31 - Strasbourg, France

What’s this France, more rain? Weird!

Before leaving we pop into a nearby Boulangerie for croissants and Café au lait. The croissant is maybe the best thing I’ve ever eaten, tastes delicious and is cooked to perfection. So simple but so good.

Ben and Fraser have very impressively gotten up a few hours before everyone else and gone for a run in the morning rain, so emit the glow of those that just know they are better than everyone else by the virtue of having achieved the impossible on tour and actually done something GOOD for you. Bastards. We arrive in Strasbourg early (shock horror) so walk around the lovely centre and decide to go for a Korean lunch. My first ever, and man it was delicious.
We are in the Alsace region, which is a territory known for having gone back and forth between German and French ownership which has led to it being a bit of both. Depending on where you are, they speak French or German, same as where we’ll be staying, in Merlebach. It’s getting extremely confusing now, knowing which language to attempt to communicate in.

We play the show which is cool but rather uneventful, and head off to the F1 in Strasbourg for some rest.


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