Tuesday, 19 October 2010

European Tour Diary: Day 5 - Oslo, Norway

Fail plain miserably due to not really being able to sleep and pretty much have to go straight to the venue. Really cool place though, the Rockefeller, and we’re all excited to play again after a few days off. It’s only really now that the tour begins properly! 28 dates after tonight I think. Seems like a lifetime. When we get there, we are amazed to find that three Norwegian fans have come and have been waiting for us with some presents. We can’t believe it, and we hang out and take some pictures and chat for a while. Norway and Sweden seem pretty strict on age restrictions and tonight’s show is an 18+, so they can’t get in which really sucks. I try to figure out a way to do it but as a support act we don’t really have much weight so sadly we can’t make it happen but they hang outside for a while anyway and we talk. Next time guys, I promise, and thank you so much for coming to say hi, and the Norwegian chocolate.

We set up, and I leave the guys to sound check while I go to do another radio interview, on my own this time, for Radio Tango, Norway’s rock station. I get taken by cab (check me out) to the station and go up to the15th floor where I’m to do the interview. The view is immense, and it looks like mountains and rivers snaking off to the horizon in different directions surround Oslo. Pretty stunning stuff. Unfortunately, since I had my phone stolen in London a few weeks before, I have nothing to take pictures with so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

The interview with a lovely Norwegian woman called Marie is fun and easy enough, and I head back to the venue to get ready. The venue fills and we play our set. It’s fun, but the crowd do seem a little muted tonight, at least for us. That’s understandable, most people probably have no idea who we are, and people just want to see Danko Jones so it’s to be expected, but we give it all we got and make some new friends in the end.

It’s Ben’s birthday at the stroke of 12 we go for just a quiet few drinks, and plan to go out properly once we go back to Sweden tomorrow. We walk back to the hotel and pass out.



  1. thank YOU for staying outside talking to us! so nice talking to you. hopefully it wont be long until next time! x

  2. what marie said. it was so awesome meeting you! X

  3. Gosh Im so jealous :O It's wierd 'cause when All Time Low played at Debaser Medis it was a 13+ limit. Pleeeace come back <3