Tuesday, 19 October 2010

European Tour Diary: Day 6 - Gothenburg, Sweden

I’m a little sad that my time in Norway has been so brief, I don’t really feel like I got to grips with the city, but such is life, and I hope we’ll be back soon enough so I don’t get too down about it. Really, I’m lucky enough to be here in the first place, so that’s just how it goes I guess.

We leave and make our way back across the border to Gothenburg, Sweden. More amazing scenery, and lots of ‘danger’ moose crossing’ signs which are amazing. We stop off for some lunch at what turns out to be a huge cash and carry store. It’s hard to resist spending all of our money here, bags of M&Ms the size of pillows, gigantic Toblerones and all the imported American sweets you could think of. We like to consider ourselves sweet connoisseurs so I’m pretty amazed that we don’t come out with armfuls of tasty treats but we make do with some pizza and a few cans of American root beer and stuff like that and continue our journey. I eat a pizza called Obama while some of the others opt for a Da Vinci. I have no idea why they are called this but hey. 
We carry on and arrive at Gothenburg on time (shock horror).

We are fed in the restaurant next door to the venue, and it is SO posh, there is absolutely no way we belong in here but we soak it in, and it’s a cool experience eating in such a good quality restaurant when it’s closed. We mooch around the venue for a bit, looking at the wall of photos of cool other bands that have played here. Lamb of God were here on their last tour! Badass.
Tonight’s show is a lot better; the crowd is massive and treats us really well. Said it before, but we LOVE Sweden!

It is officially Ben’s birthday but we’re all so tired and worn out that we don’t really have the energy to go out. We are staying at some friends of Emre’s tonight, so we wait for them to finish up in the club post-show, and head back to theirs. They are lovely but both drunk and one of them pours a pint of Jack & Coke all over Simon on the journey back, much to his delight. We sleep in their spare room and make an early start the next morning.



  1. Gustav, you are welcome to turn up on my doorstep like that (:

  2. sweden is the best

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