Tuesday, 16 November 2010

European Tour Diary: 2 Days Off in Barcelona

We have two days off so we go to Barcelona to stay there for a day before travelling to Madrid ahead of our show there. The journey is long but amazing, and the sky as the sun sets ahead of us really something, it looks like the sky is on fire and changes colour dramatically, almost looks like a hologram.

We reach Barcelona as night falls, put our bags down in our rooms and all go out for a great Spanish dinner of Tapas and Paella and some huge beers. I have to leave the group and go back to the van to do a quiz live on air for Nick Grimshaw‘s Radio1 show that I fail miserably at (5-2), as well as getting the name of the caller I’m competing against wrong. Sorry Roy.
I meet back up with the guys and we go to some bars around the area that to me looks like Barcelona’s equivalent of Leicester Square called Las Ramblas. Basically it’s full of people selling you touristy shit and dodgy guys everywhere. We’ve been warned about pick pocketing as it’s really common here, and nearly end up in a fight with a drunken polish guy when he tries. As much as it’s cool to be in Barcelona, I get the feeling we aren’t actually really seeing Barcelona.

The next day is much better and we spend some time at an awesome beach in the afternoon. We sit right out at the furthest end of a pier dangling our legs over the beautiful clear water. Looking out at the sea, on a beach in weather that we’d be lucky to get in high summer (in November here) we feel lucky to be here. Sadly we have to get to Madrid so we leave all too soon. We get out of Barcelona and make the drive to Madrid through spectacular wild Spanish scenery. I love Spain, and although we’ve crossed many borders and gone through loads of different countries already, Spain in some ways feels the most like we’re in a totally different country. I guess partly due to the climate, but either way we’re really stoked to be here.


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