Tuesday, 16 November 2010

European Tour Diary: Day 27 - Madrid, Spain

Madrid is a beautiful city. We get to the venue and John and me shoot straight off for yet more press in a coffee house nearby. By this time I’ve already had a Red Bull and a coffee but seeing as we’re going to be here a while I order and we sit with our coffees and talk for a while. Doing interviews can be a strange experience because you basically have to, for that period of time, be self centered and talk about yourself and feel very self-important. Easier for some, harder for others. I kind of fall in the middle, I like to think I’m quite good at talking, but sometimes it feels weird going on about myself and my band for ages. Ah well, it’s hardly a problem, and doing press is generally really cool so I have no problem. We talk for quite a while and have to rush back to make our soundcheck.

We’ve spent quite a while figuring out what songs work best on this tour, and which don’t so by now we are quite familiar with everything and it’s just a case of getting our sound on stage right. Mind you, I say that like it’s a small easy thing – on stage sound we’re all happy with is just so rare. The sound on stage is really different to off stage, but it’s probably also because we’re a fussy group of guys. 
We head back stage, begin the process of warming up, eating and generally getting ready for the show. Madrid is wicked and as soon as we’re done we head off to grab a bite to eat in a Mexican restaurant nearby. I want to go on the record and state that Mexican food is my (and ours as a group) favourite food in the world. Tacos, fajitas, enchiladas, whatever – if it’s Mexican I can pretty much guarantee I’ll love it. Head back to the venue, hang out with people that want to say hi, and then pack our gear away.

It’s pretty rare that we’ll go our separate ways for the evening but some of the guys want to party and me and a few others just want to crash so that’s what we do.



  1. Have a GREAT concert tour, guys!! And I'm happy you liked Madrid. You're right, it IS a beautiful city!

    And while I TOO love Mexican food, I hope you got to try some of the delicious SPANISH food Madrid has to offer. It's really first rate.

    Best of luck! Saludos, MadridMan

  2. You don't talk much about the show. I guess it wasn't as good as you expected. So sad about it 'cos I really enjoyed it. Maybe next time.

    The fact you didn't hang out at the merch and seeing you selling your cd was a big disappointment. I guess you had your reasons why not to. Maybe next time.

    Thank you so much guys for being so friendly.
    Dave is a nice merch guy, by the way! haha

    Hope to see you soon herea gain. x