Tuesday, 16 November 2010

European Tour Diary: Day 28 - Barcelona, Spain

We’ve loved Spain so far, and today our drive is amazing. The scenery is really amazing, arid open flat plains that look like the deserts around LA and jagged hills and mountains.

We can’t get over the fact that it’s so hot in November. Love it! Those of us who didn’t go out lord it over the ones who are now hung over and retreating from the sunlight in the darker corners of the van.
We stop at a service station to eat and refuel. It’s almost like walking into a kitchen, and it’s all Tapas but it’s all strange and unidentifiable food. I eat some meat on skewers and it’s impossible to actually tell what it is, even as you eat it, which is quite unnerving really… Definitely feel unwelcome in here too, lots of stares and scowls. Time to go then.

We drive on and encounter the worst traffic in history. Suddenly the heat is a lot less nice as we’re all stuck in a heated can, and we crawl into Barcelona an hour late and with the opening time approaching. This means it’s a serious case of all hands on deck as the venue staff and we grab all the equipment out of the van (we have acquired a lot and it weighs a couple of tonnes by now) and drag it into the awesome sleek, minimal and very modern building that houses the venue.

Once in I have to rush through a few interviews (including an acoustic run through of weight of the world with the venue staff running around behind me) while the guys get the stuff on stage and sound check. 
We get everything done in time, and head to our dressing room to try and get some food in. Our dressing room today is a corridor that connects to the main stage room so we’re ready to go on at a moments notice. We play the set and for me it’s one of the highlights of the tour. It’s funny, you can never tell what a show is going to be like, sometimes you can be stressed, rushed and disorganized and end up having the best show ever, sometimes you can be relaxed, prepared and confident and then the show will not go your way.

We talked about getting tattooed while we were in Barcelona as there is a specific area with shit loads of great tattoo places but we’ve simply not had time so we hang out by merch, talk to people, then hustle CDs as people are leaving, as per usual.
Head back to the hotel as we have yet another long drive tomorrow to get back to France.


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